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Other Fishing Reels and their Boxes

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This page consists of old fishing reels and their boxes from various manufacturers.  Four of the top five major tackle manufactures of Heddon, South Bend, Pflueger, and Shakespeare all manufactured their own fishing reels through the years, along with a multitude of other fishing tackle and lures.  The only exception is Creek Chub that offered an Indiana style reel called the Wawasee for a few short years, and in actuality it was manufactured by the O.K. Machine Company out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  For a period of time, Shakespeare manufactured reels for the South Bend Bait Company.  Some of these examples are pictured here.  There have been many more reel manufacturers through the years, and this is only a very small sampling of what is out there.

Early Chimney Box style Fishing Reels.
These boxes are termed Chimney Box because they open from the end rather than the top. If you stand the box on end to open it like a normal box, it has the look of a chimney. They are usually much smaller and size and so are a majority of the reels. The most predominent names that I am aware of with this style box is Montague, Pennell, and Hendryx.
Brass Empire City Fishing Reel in original Box.
reel1 reel2
Kingfisher Raised Pillar Fishing Reel in original Box.
  Early Chimney Box Style Reels and Oilers.  
Pennell Fishing Reel in original box.
Montague "Indian" Fishing Reel in original Box.


Hendryx Raised Pillar Fishing Reel in original Box.
Union Hardware Fly Reel in original Box.


3 depression era "Favorite" Fishing Reels mfg. by Shakespeare with original "Chimney Style Boxes"
Montague "Alligator" Casting Reel in original Box.


Ideal #2 in Dakota Box.

South Bend Bait Company
These are some of their earliest reels and boxes. 
reel10 reel11 reel12
South Bend #1000 Oreno and Box. South Bend #1131A Anti-Backlash and Box. South Bend #1131B and Box.
reel13 reel14 reel15
South Bend #1200 Anti-Backlash in Tall Box. South Bend #900 Anti-Backlash in Box. South Bend #1200 Anti-Backlash in Box.
reel16 reel17 reel18
South Bend #1130 Automatic Fly Reel in Box. South Bend #1150 Bakelite Fly Reel in Box. South Bend St. Joe Fly Reel in Box.
  Very Rare Un-Numbered Arc Logo South Bend with Leather Case.  

Hurd Supercaster and Chicago Gentleman Streamliner "Combo" Fishing Reels and Rods.
Pflueger 9/0 Atlapac Big Game Reel and Metal Case.

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